Creating an integrated financial ecosystem for businesses.

Ceviant is a financial technology company that provides treasury and trade solutions to corporates, SMEs, importers, and exporters.

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Our mission

Our mission is to create a single, unified financial ecosystem for businesses and business owners. We empower businesses by providing a single platform where decision-makers can access everything they need to simplify financial actions.

Our platform provides services such as payments, invoicing, foreign exchange transactions and more. With Ceviant, businesses no longer need to go to multiple providers for their financial needs, saving valuable time and increasing efficiency. Our mission is to give businesses a complete overview of their financial activities, all in one place.

Our commitment

At Ceviant, we are dedicated to creating solutions that simplify the trade environment and promote business success in a global marketplace. We partner with companies to optimize their daily operations, whether their goal is to manage liquid assets, obtain working capital, finance supply chain operations, or export goods.

Our mission is to aid businesses in growth and expansion, creating jobs and promoting economic success at home and abroad. We support them in achieving their maximum potential both domestically and internationally.


Client service

At Ceviant, we strive to serve our customers with innovative solutions tailored to their needs. We create value in our offerings to ensure our customers are consistently provided with the best possible service.



We maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and transparency, while striving to learn and improve from our experiences in order to make better decisions.



We consistently create value for our customers, shareholders, and company through operational excellence.



We value diversity and prioritize collaboration to foster inclusiveness, teamwork, and an entrepreneurial mindset. This creates a culture that encourages excellence in both professional and personal pursuits.

Our Products & Services

Cross Border Payments

Effortlessly manage cross-border payments, minimize currency exchange losses, and ensure compliance.

Cash Management & Payment Solutions

Cash management and payment solutions to manage liquidity, payables/receivables, cash flow visibility, and multi-country/currency accounts for informed financial decisions.

Foreign Exchange

Our foreign exchange (FX) capabilities provide flexible solutions for organizations to access FX prices and complete transactions. Each business has unique needs and challenges when exchanging currencies

Trade Solutions

Our trade solutions simplify everything from letters of credit to open account transactions. We help businesses worldwide gain efficiencies, reduce risks, and improve cash flow.

Escrow and Agency services

Effective oversight and risk reduction are crucial in complex business arrangements. The selection of the right escrow agent is imperative for successful outcomes and compliance with regulations. Escrow may be necessary to ensure certain assets or documents are held until specific terms are satisfied.

Ceviant helps businesses protect and grow liquidity.

Join us in simplifying treasury solutions for businesses

We’re a fast-growing financial and technology company with a focus on emerging markets. Be a part of our growing team of professionals focused on enhancing our clients' lives.

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