Cash management & Payment solutions

Cash management and payment solutions to manage liquidity, payables/receivables, cash flow visibility, and multi-country/currency accounts for informed financial decisions.

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Gain a holistic view of your cash position across accounts and entities to optimize liquidity and returns. Move money efficiently between accounts and entities as needed.

Liquidity management

We offer virtual bank accounts, consisting of multiple linked sub-accounts under a single account number. This provides the benefits of having separate accounts for different financial needs, without the additional paperwork and fees typically associated with multiple accounts.

Cash flow visibility

Get a consolidated view of cash inflows and outflows across the organization. Forecast cash positions and identify opportunities to improve cash flow.

Payables & receivables

Automate payables and receivables to gain efficiencies, ensure timely payments, and improve cash flow. Reconcile incoming and outgoing payments easily. Our solutions ensure fast, accurate payments and receivables each and every time, guaranteed. 

Multi-country & Multi-currency accounts

Manage cash in multiple currencies across countries conveniently. Move money between currencies and countries as needed while minimizing FX costs and risks.

Ceviant helps businesses protect and grow liquidity.