Escrow and Agency services

Complex business arrangements require effective oversight and risk reduction. This often involves holding assets or documents in escrow until specific terms are met. Choosing the right escrow agent is essential to completing business deals.

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Ceviant is the ideal escrow agent for your business transactions.

Leveraging our global network and expertise, Ceviant provides flexible escrow and agency solutions with rapid turnaround times. This helps ensure the successful outcome of your business transactions and projects. Contact us today to streamline your escrow needs.

Secure escrow accounts

We hold and disburse funds upon fulfillment of agreed conditions. This ensures secure transactions between parties.

Independent, third-party agency

We act as an impartial agent to oversee and execute business transactions on your behalf. This includes tender offers, debt restructuring, and asset recovery.

Expert transaction management

Our experienced professionals manage the entire lifecycle of your business deals. We facilitate collaboration between all parties, handle documentation and contracts, and expedite closing to achieve your objectives.

Ceviant helps businesses protect and grow liquidity.